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LiveWell is uniquely designed to offer individuals of ALL ages and abilities functional rehabilitation and strength training. Chris Longo utilizes his extensive

martial arts, fitness training, and various certifications to assess and

formulate an individualized, needs-specific exercise regime.


This is a fitness class combining strength, aerobic conditioning, and mobility geared towards the Master’s age male.  This class runs for one hour and provides foundational fitness for activities such as golf, gardening, and grandchildren management.  Movements can be modified according to pre-existing injury and/or fitness levels.  Prerequisite:  Fundamentals


2 Sessions: Early Curriculum (May/June) or Summer Curriculum (July)
LiveWell Strength and Rehabilitation offers strength and conditioning programming for young athletes to help take their athletic performance to the next level.  Proven training methods delivered in a learning atmosphere will be demonstrated, drilled, and put to work. The LiveWell coaches encourage healthy competition where egos are checked at the door and commitment is paramount.  Young athletes from all backgrounds are welcome and are asked to fill out a brief screening package for review.

Training will encompass various strength and conditioning, injury protection, and speed components.  Athletes will be exposed to work in the gym and field.  Measurable and useful gains will be the athlete’s focus throughout the program. The only guarantee


"I've been working out with Chris for the past 18 months. He is the type of coach who pushes you, but knows your limits. Whether it's weight loss, muscle tone, strength and agility, or all of the above, Chris will put you on a program that will achieve these goals. I have personally seen it in myself, brother, and my dad." 

"Chris has a wealth of fitness knowledge and takes his clients' goals seriously. If you're looking for real results, LiveWell is your place and Chris is your man!" 

— R.K

LiveWell makes is that athletes will work as hard on their Performance Programming as on the ice, field, and courts.
The APP early curriculum begins in May/June and summer curriculum begins in July, both follow an in-centre and off-site approach.  The early curriculum is an after-school foundations program.  The summer curriculum is a 3x/week development, morning program. Programming will be delivered at the LiveWell Centre in Bobcaygeon, ON, and remotely using the TrainHeroic app for Athletic Performance participants.  Athletes are able to participate in small group or one-on-one workouts.  


Small groups organized ON DEMAND, one hour duration

This a fitness class dedicated to providing women with a fun approach to many foundational facets of fitness. Fit at Fifty runs with a 3 member minimum and caters to all fitness and movement levels.  Join to improve your general physical fitness!


This introductory, 5 session program demonstrates, instructs, and re-enforces healthy and sound biomechanics. You will become proficient in warm up, movement prep, 5 basic barbell lifts, conditioning, mobility and cool down.  The purpose of this program is to move you into a Strength and Conditioning class, Master’s Class,  or independent daily programming.



This morning class starts your day right!  LiveWell offers great results with our strength and conditioning programming.  Address the 3 pillars of fitness; performance, body composition, and wellness, making your body a better machine.  Upon completing our Fundamentals training you will be ready to start training in this class.  Prerequisite:  Fundamentals



Small groups organized ON DEMAND, minimum of 3 members, one hour duration

This class runs the same program as the Morning S&C, and caters to those wanting to train later in the day.  This class follows the same guidelines for programming and prerequisites as the Morning S&C, but allows the flexibility of your and your training partners’ schedule.  Prerequisite: Fundamentals


Sport specific training that enhances performance on the ice, court, field, or pitch.  The basics of general physical preparedness, strength and power, and sessions specific to speed, agility, and quickness are offered.  Groups of 6 or less athletes from your team, in the late fall and winter months, and entire teams in the spring to early fall are accepted.


An introductory course to establish healthy movement patterns, spinal stability, and basic conditioning for beginners.  All are welcome.  Programming is sensitive to those who experience chronic pain, osteoarthritis, and those orthopaedically cleared post joint replacement.  This is a six week program with a four person cap twice a week. This course is a progressive course that requires the full six week commitment.


This is the second course in the Spine Sparing regimen where participants will further their functional movement, stability, and conditioning abilities and knowledge.  The primary goal in this course to prepare participants for the Master’s Class or the Fit at Fifty.  This is a six week program with a four person cap at twice a week.  The material in this course is progressive and requires the full six week commitment.



Kickboxing is a 45 minute class that teaches and drills pad work in a partner setting.  Be prepared to punch and kick hard in three minute rounds, followed by intense trunk and stability work.   This is a conditioning centric class with a three person minimum ON DEMAND.

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