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Are You Taking Too Much Vitamin I?

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Analgesic use among adults is extremely high, specifically of non-prescription ibuprofen (vitamin I - get it?) and acetaminophen. These medications can be very helpful in controlling arthritic pain and post-exercise pain but not without a cost. There are potentially fatal side effects that become more likely with older age and/or regular use. Fatal GI bleeds, heart attack and stroke as well as long term consequences to liver and kidney function are well documented consequences. Furthermore, these medications inhibit the body’s ability to build muscle, so using it to combat exercise induced soreness is not wise. Given this, consumers should be aware of potential adverse effects and monitor use closely but here are some safer alternatives:

  • Heat - Contrary to old school thought, arthritic joints and sore muscles love heat! Heat improves the blood flow and everything that heals comes in that blood.

  • Contrast showers/compresses - Alternating between heat and cold for a few minutes creates a vascular pump to the area to again support blood flow.

  • Light exercise and mobility work - This not only encourages blood flow to flush metabolic toxins but it also promotes joint nourishment and flexibility…which help minimize inflammation.

  • Natural anti-inflammatories - There are several natural compounds that work well to treat inflammation. Both rubs and oral supplements are available. These can be used as a substitute for pharmaceutical analgesics or used in conjunction to reduce the amount needed.

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