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Gardeners Are Athletes Too!

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Raking, hoeing, lifting, digging, kneeling, planting…almost enough physical activity to qualify for an international medal competition. As with any athlete, you need to pre-train so that your muscles and joints are capable of the right form and technique to avoid injury. Gardening requires good stability of your core muscles. There are several simple exercises that done correctly will keep you injury free in your gardens. Starting now will ensure that you are ready to go!

Planks, squats or bridges, iron mans….these are all exercises that can be done at home once you are sure that you are doing them correctly. It takes several weeks to gear up muscles so start now!!! APRIL PROMOTION:

Come Try Our Fitness Facilities!!!

Book a session with Chris to learn your core strengthening exercises or come in on a day pass to work on your own. All funds collected in April for day passes ($10) or an hour instructional session booked via this promotion ($50) will be donated to the Bobcaygeon Horticultural Society to help beautify our public spaces this summer.

*Offer expires April 30, 2018*

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