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Phase 3: Here's the Deal

Our priority is your safety. This all starts by washing your hands!

Outdoors we will be permitting up to 6 people for workouts while maintaining social distance, and effective sanitization practices. Indoors will be reserved for rehab clients, small group classes, and masked personal training. Aerobic equipment participants must be masked. As far as gym operations go, very little will be changing. We are going to move to a public online booking system for outdoor slots. Currently, we are practicing 'Safe Six'. Please be respectful of the 6’ distance rule.

We are asking you to sanitize your equipment after use. Please remember to sanitize your hands prior to handling equipment. Avoid spraying bands with sanitizer. We will sanitize bands after use in our Lumin units.

Indoor cardio slots will be available provided you are willing to wear a mask. If you have a medical condition for masking we will make outdoor arrangements. This will be a dynamic situation. We are doing our best to keep you safe, fit, and strong!!

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