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Correct Lumbar Lordosis Makes Your Spine 150% Stronger

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Our spine is not built to be flat. When the lumbar spine flattens, the loading pressure on spinal discs shifts toward the anterior edge of the disc. This puts the disc at risk of herniation and the joints susceptible to strain. This is the most common cause of low back pain and sciatic pain. Therefore, learning to “sit tall” and promote a normal lumbar curve (lordosis) can prevent and/or fix low back pain. A lumbar supporting roll can help accomplish this. Simply put: A lumbar lordosis will make your spine 150% stronger as well as feel better! Spinal biomechanically speaking, this is true to anybody in most upright position, especially when weight lifting or obesity is involved.


Save $5 on the Purchase of any of our Lumbar Supports

LiveWell has a lumbar support to help you support your lumbar curve and prevent/help your low back pain. Please feel free to ask for more information if you are unsure which support would help you best!

*Offer expires October 31, 2018*

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