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Aging Too Fast?

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

If crow’s feet and creaky joints are creeping up faster than you expected, it may be time to take care of your telomeres - the DNA caps at the end of your chromosomes (much like the ones at the ends of your shoelaces) that keep your cells healthy and strong. Growing evidence shows telomere shortening can speed up aging- but all it takes to slow down the process is a little gene TLC…

STRENGTHEN TO LENGTHEN - One of the best places to fight Father Time is at your local gym. A study in the Archives of Internal Medicine compared the telomere length of 2400 twins. After one year, the twins who exercised had longer telomeres and were biologically younger than those who didn’t. In fact, the telomeres of the most active subjects were 200 nucleotides longer (that’s a lot!) than those of the least active subjects. For longer, stronger telomeres, try to fit in three workouts per week that combine 30 minutes of strength training with 30 minutes of interval-style cardio (metabolic conditioning).


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