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Registered Massage Therapy

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Many people consider massage a luxury, but if used regularly, massage offers significant preventative value to pain and injury, as well as to improve overall physical and emotional health. Massage promotes blood flow to tight overworked muscles and tissues that may be injured or inflamed…everything that heals is in your blood and the localized metabolic waste also gets picked up and carried away. Massage also breaks up adhesions and knots within muscle and fascia (a type of connective tissue) which allows these tissues to slide freely upon each other as well as allows the associated joints to move with complete range of motion. Massage has also been shown to quiet the sympathetic nervous system. This in turn lowers anxiety and stress, which positively impacts almost every system in the body! Finally, a massage is an excellent opportunity to rest and relax…something we often forget to do.


Treat yourself and/or your Valentine to a Massage! Book a one hour massage in February for $85 and receive a second one hour massage in February for $50!!! The second massage can be used by yourself or gifted to another person. *Offer expires February 2019*

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